G4P (GUI for Processing)  4.3.8
A set of GUI controls for your Processing sketch.
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g4p_controls.GClip Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for g4p_controls.GClip:

Public Member Functions

void lostOwnership (Clipboard clipboard, Transferable contents)

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean copy (String chars)
static String paste ()

Detailed Description

Clipboard functionality for plain text

This provides clipboard functionality for text and is currently only used by the GTextField and GTextArea classes.

Peter Lager

Member Function Documentation

static boolean g4p_controls.GClip.copy ( String  chars)

Copy a string to the clipboard

charsthe characters to be stored on the clipboard
true for a successful copy to clipboard
void g4p_controls.GClip.lostOwnership ( Clipboard  clipboard,
Transferable  contents 

Reqd by ClipboardOwner interface

static String g4p_controls.GClip.paste ( )

Get a string from the clipboard

the string on the clipboard