G4P (GUI for Processing)  4.3.8
A set of GUI controls for your Processing sketch.
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g4p_controls.GTabManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean addControl (Focusable control)
boolean addControls (Focusable...controls)
boolean removeControl (Focusable control)

Detailed Description

Allows TABBING between text controls. A tab manager allows the user to use the TAB key to move from one text control (GTextField or GTextArea) to the another. This is useful when creating a 'form' made from several text controls.
The tab order is decided by the order the text controls are added to the tab manager. The TAB key move the focus forwards and SHIFT+TAB moves it backwards. Note that tabbing is not cyclic so pressing TAB on the last control does not set the focus on the first control, in fact it will be ignored. Similar logic applies to SHIFT_TAB on the first control
At least 2 controls must be added to the tab manager.

Peter Lager

Member Function Documentation

boolean g4p_controls.GTabManager.addControl ( Focusable  control)

Add the next text control to this tab manager.

controlto add
true if added successfully
boolean g4p_controls.GTabManager.addControls ( Focusable...  controls)

Attempt to add multiple controls to the tab manager. The tab order is determined by their order as parameters to this method.

controlsa comma separated list of text field or text area controls.
true if any or all of the controls were added and false if none were added.
boolean g4p_controls.GTabManager.removeControl ( Focusable  control)

Remove a control from the tab manager. This does not affect the tab order of the remaining controls.

controlthe control to remove from this tab manager
true if removed, else false