G4P (GUI for Processing)  4.3.8
A set of GUI controls for your Processing sketch.
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g4p_controls.GToggleGroup Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void addControl (GToggleControl tc)
void addControls (GToggleControl...controls)
 GToggleGroup ()

Detailed Description

Use this class to create a single selection collection of options.

To use create an object of this class and then add GOption objects to it with the addControl method.

You cannot add GCheckbox objects because they are designed to work independently.

Peter Lager

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

g4p_controls.GToggleGroup.GToggleGroup ( )

Create a toggle group object.

Member Function Documentation

void g4p_controls.GToggleGroup.addControl ( GToggleControl  tc)

Add a GOption object to this group.

tcthe toggle control
void g4p_controls.GToggleGroup.addControls ( GToggleControl...  controls)

Add a set of comma separated GOptions.

controlsa list of controls to add