G4P (GUI for Processing)  4.3.8
A set of GUI controls for your Processing sketch.
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g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo:

Public Member Functions

void cancelInfo ()
int compareTo (TextLayoutHitInfo other)
void copyFrom (TextLayoutHitInfo other)
void setInfo (TextLayoutInfo tli, TextHitInfo thi)
 TextLayoutHitInfo ()
 TextLayoutHitInfo (TextLayoutInfo tli)
 TextLayoutHitInfo (TextLayoutInfo tli, TextHitInfo thi)
 TextLayoutHitInfo (TextLayoutHitInfo tlhi)
String toString ()

Public Attributes

TextHitInfo thi
TextLayoutInfo tli

Detailed Description

For multi-line text, the TextHitInfo class is not enough. We also need information about the layout so that the caret(s) can be drawn.

Peter Lager

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.TextLayoutHitInfo ( )

Create an empty TextLayoutHitInfo object

g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.TextLayoutHitInfo ( TextLayoutInfo  tli)

Create a TextLayoutHitInfo object

tlithe text layout info
g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.TextLayoutHitInfo ( TextLayoutInfo  tli,
TextHitInfo  thi 

Create a TextLayoutHitInfo object

tlithe text layout info
thithe text hit information
g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.TextLayoutHitInfo ( TextLayoutHitInfo  tlhi)

Copy constructor

tlhithe text layout hit info to copy.

Member Function Documentation

void g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.cancelInfo ( )

Empty this TextLayoutInfo instance

int g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.compareTo ( TextLayoutHitInfo  other)

Compare with another TextLayoutHitInfo instance

0 if the same
void g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.copyFrom ( TextLayoutHitInfo  other)

Make this the same as another TextLayoutHitInfo object

otherthe TextLayoutHitInfo object to copy
void g4p_controls.StyledString.TextLayoutHitInfo.setInfo ( TextLayoutInfo  tli,
TextHitInfo  thi 

Set this TextLayoutHitInfo object to a known state

tlithe text layout inof
thithe text hit information