G4P (GUI for Processing)  4.3.8
A set of GUI controls for your Processing sketch.
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g4p_controls.GAlign Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

String getDesc ()
String getTextID ()
boolean isHorzAlign ()
boolean isPosAlign ()
boolean isVertAlign ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GAlign getFromText (String textID)

Public Attributes

 BOTTOM =( 0x0040, "BOTTOM", "Align text to bottom" )
 CENTER =( 0x0002, "CENTER", "Centre text horizontally" )
 EAST =( 0x0800, "EAST", "Place icon right of text" )
 INVALID =( 0x0000, "INVALID", "Invalid alignment" )
 JUSTIFY =( 0x0008, "JUSTIFY", "Justify text" )
 LEFT =( 0x0001, "LEFT", "Left align text" )
 MIDDLE =( 0x0020, "MIDDLE", "Centre text vertically" )
 NORTH =( 0x0200, "NORTH", "Place icon above text" )
 RIGHT =( 0x0004, "RIGHT", "Right align text" )
 SOUTH =( 0x0100, "SOUTH", "Place icon below text" )
 TOP =( 0x0010, "TOP", "Align text to to top" )
 WEST =( 0x0400, "WEST", "Place icon left of text" )

Detailed Description

This class provides an enumeration that is used to control the alignment of text and images.

It also defines the constants for the position of the icon relative to the text.

Peter Lager

Member Function Documentation

String g4p_controls.GAlign.getDesc ( )
the textual verbose description of this alignment e.g. "Right align text"
static GAlign g4p_controls.GAlign.getFromText ( String  textID)

Get an alignment based from its textual ID.

textIDthe text ID to search for
the alignment or INVALID if not found
String g4p_controls.GAlign.getTextID ( )
the textual ID of this alignment.
boolean g4p_controls.GAlign.isHorzAlign ( )

Is this a horizontal alignment constant?

true if horizontally aligned else false.
boolean g4p_controls.GAlign.isPosAlign ( )
true is this is an icon alignment constant
boolean g4p_controls.GAlign.isVertAlign ( )

Is this a vertical alignment constant?

true if vertically aligned else false.
String g4p_controls.GAlign.toString ( )
a full description of this alignment constant