G4P (GUI for Processing)  4.3.8
A set of GUI controls for your Processing sketch.
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g4p_controls.GEvent Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

String getDesc ()
String getType ()
String toString ()

Public Attributes

 CHANGED =( "CHANGED", "Text has changed" )
 CLICKED =( "CLICKED", "Mouse button was clicked over control" )
 COLLAPSED =( "COLLAPSED", "Control was collapsed" )
 DESELECTED =( "DESELECTED", "Option de-selected" )
 DRAGGED =( "DRAGGED", "Control is being dragged" )
 ENTERED =( "ENTERED", "Enter/return key typed" )
 EXPANDED =( "EXPANDED", "Control was expanded" )
 GETS_FOCUS =( "GETS_FOCUS", "TextField/Area got focus" )
 LOST_FOCUS =( "LOST_FOCUS", "TextField/Area lost focus" )
 PRESSED =( "PRESSED", "Mouse button was pressed over control" )
 RELEASED =( "RELEASED", "Mouse button was clicked" )
 SELECTED =( "SELECTED", "Option selected" )
 SELECTION_CHANGED =( "SELECTION_CHANGED", "Text selection has changed" )
 VALUE_CHANGING =( "VALUE_CHANGING", "Value is changing" )
 VALUE_STEADY =( "VALUE_STEADY", "Value has reached a steady state" )

Detailed Description

Enumeration of events that can be fired by G4P.

GTextField and GTextArea events
CHANGED Text has changed
SELECTION_CHANGED Text selection has changed
ENTERED Enter/return key typed
LOST_FOCUS TextField/Area lost focus
GETS_FOCUS TextField/Area got focus

GPanel events
COLLAPSED Control was collapsed
EXPANDED Control was expanded
DRAGGED Control is being dragged

Button control events (PRESSED and RELEASED are not fired by default) CLICKED Mouse button was clicked
PRESSED Mouse button was pressed
RELEASED Mouse button was released

Slider control events events
VALUE_CHANGING Value is changing
VALUE_STEADY Value has reached a steady state
DRAGGING The mouse is being dragged over a component

GCheckbox & GOption events
SELECTED "Option selected <br> DESELECTED "Option de-selected

Peter Lager

Member Function Documentation

String g4p_controls.GEvent.getDesc ( )
a textual description of this event
String g4p_controls.GEvent.getType ( )
the error identifier.