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org.quark.jasmine.LocalVar Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for org.quark.jasmine.LocalVar:

Public Member Functions

 LocalVar (final int index)
 LocalVar (final String id, final int index)
- Public Member Functions inherited from org.quark.jasmine.Exp
boolean equals (Object obj)
int hashCode ()

Package Functions

void applyUnaryMinus ()
void compile (final MethodVisitor mv, final Deque< JumpLabel > jls) throws JasmineException
- Package Functions inherited from org.quark.jasmine.Exp
boolean addExp (Exp exp)
void prepare (String symbol, int priority)
void prepare (String symbol, int nbrExps, int priority)

Package Attributes

int index
- Package Attributes inherited from org.quark.jasmine.Operand
boolean hasUnaryMinus = false
- Package Attributes inherited from org.quark.jasmine.Exp
Exp parent = null
Exp[] exps
int nbrExps = 0
int priority
String regex = ""
boolean rightAssociative = false
boolean unaryFollows = false
int lineNo
int pos
String symbol = ""

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from org.quark.jasmine.CompileConstants
String EXPRESSION_CLASS = Type.getInternalName(Expression.class)
String EXPRESSION_CLASS_ID = Type.getDescriptor(Expression.class)
String ANSWER_CLASS = Type.getInternalName(Answer.class)
String ANSWER_CLASS_ID = Type.getDescriptor(Answer.class)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from org.quark.jasmine.CompileConstants
static String ALGORITHM_CLASS = Type.getInternalName(Algorithm.class)
static String ALGORITHM_CLASS_ID = Type.getDescriptor(Algorithm.class)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from org.quark.jasmine.Exp
static final String MATH = "java/lang/Math"

Detailed Description

A local variable reference expression.
A local variable is created for each unique variable name used in the expression.

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